Hvar Unlimited
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  1. General terms

    1.General Provisions

    The travel agency Hvar Unlimited is part of the company A priori d.o.o, Domobranska 31, 21460 Stari Grad, PIN /OIB/: 16768262687.

    The travel agency Hvar Unlimited (ID CODE:HR-AB-21-0602730909), with headquarters at the address Marina Sabićab.b., 21460 Stari Grad (hereinafter: Agency), provides agency services between guests and service providers in the name and for the account of the owner. In this manner, guests are provided accommodation in accordance with the information published on its web page for the period arranged, except in cases of force majeure (civil unrest, strikes, natural disasters, terrorism etc.). In addition to accommodation services, the travel agency Hvar Unlimited provides agency services for the booking of trips, as well as for the rental of cars, scooters and boats and for transfers.   

    2. Booking and Payment

    We receive enquiries and accommodation bookings in electronic form, via phone, in writing or in person at the office of the Hvar Unlimited agency. In order to confirm their booking, a Guest is obliged to pay a deposit in the amount of 30% of the total accommodation cost within three business days after accepting the offer, and to send confirmation of payment via e-mail or fax. The remaining amount is paid at the reception desk on the day of arrival.

    By paying the deposit, the Guest confirms that they are familiar with these General Terms and Conditions of Business and that they accept them in their entirety. In this manner, everything stated herein becomes legally binding both for the Guest and for the Agency. In addition, payment of the depositalso acts as booking of the accommodation.

    The Guest shall bear costs of money transfer in their entirety.

    The amount that will be charged to your credit card is obtained by converting the price from Croatian kuna to euro according to the exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank on the day of payment.

    3. Accommodation Prices

    Each accommodation unit is listed with its price. The listed prices pertain to stays that are longer than three days. In case of stays that are shorter than four nights, the price will be increased by 30%.

    The accommodation price includes a basic service package: accommodation rental, linens, towels, kitchen with all the necessary crockery and cutlery, water, power and gas utility costs and the final cleaning. Additional services are charged separately, in arrangement with the accommodation unit owner (breakfast, berthing…).

    Accommodation prices are listed in euro. The agency Hvar Unlimited reserves the right to modify the prices (in case the service provider changes the price, or in case of changes in the exchange rate).

    If a Guest has already paid the deposit for their booking, the Agency guarantees that they will pay the same price that was stated in the calculation on the basis of which they paid the deposit.

    The Agency undertakes to immediately notify the Guest about any changes in the price occur after registration, but before the payment of the deposit, and to send them a new invoice.

    The prices listed in our offers are based on the contracts we have with our partners, and they do not have to necessarily correspond to the prices listed in the accommodation unit that the Guest is staying at. Any discrepancies between such prices are not grounds for a refund.

    If more persons than confirmed by the booking arrive at the booked accommodation unit, the Agency is entitled to deny accommodation to the unannounced guests, or to accept all of the guests with the payment of an extra charge for the unannounced guests on the spot.


    4.Categorisation and Description of Services

    The accommodation units are described according to the official categorisation of the authorised institution. The standards foraccommodation, service and food are different in every country and cannot be compared.

    The information that the Guest receives in the accommodation unit is not more binding to the Agency than the information published on the web page of the travel agency.

    The Guest must arrive at the accommodation unit after 02:00 p.m., and they must leave the accommodation unit by 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure.  


    5. Agency’s Right to Changes and Cancellations

    The Agency is entitled to change or cancel bookings for accommodation in case of the occurrence of extraordinary circumstances that cannot be prevented or avoided prior or during the period of the Guest’s stay. In case of this the Agency shall, in agreement with the owner, offer the Guest alternative accommodation, all with the permission and consent of the Guest. The accommodation offered must be of the same category as the accommodation that the Guest booked, or superior.


    6. Guests’ Right to Changes and Cancellations 

    If a Guest wishes to cancel or change a booking, they must do so in writing (e-mail, fax, post).

    A change in booking is considered a change in the number of guests or a change in the start and/or end date(s) for using the service.

    - for booking cancellations made 31 days before the planned use of the booked service or earlier, 30% of the total price of the booked accommodation shall be charged as handling and administrative expenses. The remaining amount will be returned to the Guest at the expense of the recipient.

    - for booking cancellations made 30 to 16 days before the planned use of the booked service, 50% of the total price of the booked accommodation shall be charged. The remaining amount will be returned to the Guest at the expense of the recipient. 

    - for booking cancellations made 15 to 8 days before the planned use of the booked service, 80% of the total price of the booked accommodation shall be charged. The remaining amount will be returned to the Guest at the expense of the recipient. 

    - for booking cancellations made 7 to 0 days before the planned use of the booked service, 100% of the total price of the booked accommodation shall be charged.

    -in case of no-show or cancellation after the use of the package has already begun, the Guest is obliged to pay the full price of the package 


    When the damages actually incurred are greater than those listed in the scale above, the travel organiser reserves the right to charge for the expenses that were actually incurred. The cancellation fees listed above also apply to changes in departure date or accommodation facility, and to all other important changes.    
    If a traveller that is cancelling their trip finds a new user for the same accommodation booking, and if this new user meets all the conditions for using the stated accommodation booking, then Hvar Unlimited shall charge HRK 200.00 for the expenses incurred by such a substitution.  

    If a Guest does not arrive at the booked accommodation unit by midnight on the start date of the service, and if the Guest has not contacted the Agency regarding this, the booking shall be considered cancelled.


    7.Obligations of the Agency and Owner

    It is the obligation of the Agency to take care of the implementation of services, the selection of owners and the rights and interests of Guests in accordance with the practice of the tourism industry. The owner is obliged to ensure that the Guest is provided with all of the services they have purchased, and is therefore liable to the Guest for any failure to provide such services or a part of such services. The Agency and the owner shall be held harmless for any changes or failure to provide service that are caused by force majeure. 


    8.Obligations of the Guest

    The Guest is obliged to:

    - possess valid travel documents

    - adhere to the customs and foreign exchange regulations of the Republic of Croatia

    - adhere to the rules of conduct for the accommodation unit and cooperate with the owner or Agency in good faith

    - to fully reimburse the owner for any damage to the accommodation unit 

    In case the Guest fails to adhere to these regulations, the Guest will bear all of the expenses and be liable for the damaged incurred, whereas the Agency shall be held harmless. By confirming their booking, the Guest obliges that they shall, in case they cause any damage, reimburse the service provider for all damage on the spot.

    9. Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance packages, such as personal accident coverage or illness coverage, coverage for lost or damaged luggage, voluntary health insurance and other forms of insurance, are not included in the booking price. By paying for booking, the Guest confirms that the aforementioned forms of travel insurance have been offered and/or recommended to them. In case the Guest requests the stated insurance, the insurance can be arranged directly at one of the insurance companies, in which the agency acts exclusively as an agent.

    We recommend that you study all the insurance conditions very carefully before purchase.



    The Agency is not responsible for any luggage that is destroyed, damaged or lost while in the accommodation unit, or which is stolen from the accommodation unit. Lost luggage or theft must be reported to the accommodation provider and the police station that has jurisdiction. 


    11.Protection of Personal Information

    The Guest provides personal information on a voluntary basis. The personal information of the Guest is necessary for the process of executing the requested service. This information will also be used for further communication with the Guest. The Agency undertakes not to disclose the Guest’s personal information to any third party, except for the purpose of executing the requested service. The Guest’s personal information will be stored in the database in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. The Guest approves for their personal information to be used by the Agency for marketing-related purposes.


    12. Resolution of Complaints
    If the services from the offer have been provided in an unsatisfactory fashion, the Guest may demand appropriate compensation by submitting a complaint in writing. All Guests are entitled to complain for the failure to provide a service that has been paid for. Every guest –holder of confirmed booking – must submit their own complaint.

    Complaints procedure:
    On the day of arrival, the Guest is obliged to immediately complain about any unsatisfactory services to the service provider, and to notify the Agency about this. If, on the spot, the Guest does not accept the offered solution to the complaint that corresponds to the service that has been paid for, the Agency is not obliged to acknowledge any complaints made subsequently (if an adequate alternative exists in the same facility, the Guest is obliged to accept it).

    If the Guest does not make any complaints about the accommodation on the spot, they are not entitled to a refund on the day of their arrival.

    The compensation per complaint may not exceed the price of the part of the service that is being complained about, and it cannot include services that have already been used, or the entire price of the service. This also precludes the Guest’s right to compensation for any non-material damage.

    The Agency does not acknowledge any complaints related to matters that are not related to the facility (roadworks, beach cleanliness, the condition of facilities located in the immediate vicinity…).
    The Agency is not liable for any weather conditions, the cleanliness or temperature of the sea and other similar situations and events that may cause the displeasure of the Guest, and which are not directly related to the quality of the booked accommodation unit. 
    The Agency does not accept any complaints for services provided at a special discount (e.g. last-minute bookings).


    13.Court Jurisdiction

    The Guest and the Agency undertake to settle any disputes that may stem from the application of this Contract in an amicable fashion. If this is not possible, then the competent court in Split shall have jurisdiction.



    By paying the deposit, i.e. the full amount for booking accommodation, the Guest confirms that he accepts these General Terms and Conditions of Business in their entirety.