Hvar Unlimited
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    Yellow (bicycle route)

    In season 2016 NH agency enables over 10 different tracks to all visitors of our island who are looking for sports or cycling adventures. In fact, all paths are ranked from easiest to most difficult, described in detail and charted on the map of the island of Hvar in order to make it easier to find ones way on daily tours. In addition to the aforementioned map and detailed description as an attachment to them, there  are points marked with letters which provide a detailed curriculum applicable to the concerned sightseeing paths.


    Green (trekking tour)

    For all nature lovers, the island of Hvar is the ideal spot for a vacation. Take a peek at  undiscovered parts of the island away from the tourist bustle and discover the rich flora of the island through a half-day active vacation with a professional guide. An annual average of more than 2700 hours of sunshine enables more than 1500 different plants to flourish in meadows and forests of the island. That is why NH agency, which specializes in providing vacation in still undiscovered areas of our island, offers something completely different. Lose yourself in the forests of the island of Hvar for half a day and get to know thousands of different plants that grow here. Among all that, taste some of them and thus discover the benefits of Hvar flora.


    Blue (Jeep - Safari tour)

    Stop at the top of the island for half a day and enjoy the unforgettable view that will surely be one of the main motives for revisiting our island. Learn about the rich flora of the island during this tour, as well as the lives of the local population whose ancestors have lived here for thousands of years.

    In this year's edition of the NH agency, we are pleased to present our new offer - the NH HEDONIZAM tour which begins and ends in some of Hvar's best wineries and restaurants.

    Often called the island of wine and good food - Hvar is the ideal destination for those who enjoy a savory bite and some of the best Croatian wines.


    Red (Hvar wine tasting)

    During the red tour, the professional staff of NH agency will try to bring the thounds of years continuous tradition of wine production on our island closer to you. Namely, vines were brought to this island by the ancient Greeks and have been cultivated here for more than 2400 years.

    In a half day trip through a thematicly guided tour, we visit the central part of the island and two wineries of recognized Hvar winegrowers. In addition to the wineries, we visit an old dalmatian "konoba" with an attempt to present the traditional preparation of wine in family farms through the stories of our elders.